Mourning in America E​.​P.

by Crucial Change

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Crowd Control Media (USA / North America) 2014

Recorded in 2013

Titan Studios, Shoreline WA


released July 4, 2014

Tyler Busik-Bass, Lead Vocals
Ryan Gillespie-Guitar, Gang Vocals
Kirk Ramsden-Guitar, Gang Vocals



all rights reserved


Crucial Change Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Mourning In America
The power and the profits
They look on me with scorn
This life it ain't been easy
So on this day I mourn
The promises are broken
And these wounds they will not mend
So it was in the beginning
So shall it be in the end

We've been waiting all these years
For a new day to arrive
Holding back the tears
As we try to stem the tide

I look upon this nation
The souls who were interred
I mourn across the years
For the lives that never were
Price tag of equality
Overwhelming precedent
Who sets this game in motion?
The truth is self evident

Obedient we toil
Through the centuries come and gone
Somewhere we lost our dignity
And our common bond
There will come a time
When our love shall turn to scorn
Would be better for the rich
If they'd never been born
Track Name: This Force
Make a stand in this brave new world
The battle cry as the flag unfurls
All for one and one for all
And to this nation we answer the call
Marching on to the battle hymn
Marching on we aim to win
One last chance to win the fight
One last chance to set it right
Don't be a pawn as the rich man laughs
Hols out a lifeline, grabs it back
Through the ages these songs were sung
And the fight for freedom has just begun
See the writing on the wall
Declaration of imminent fall
Stars and stripes line a squalid cage
When the chain breaks you'll feel our rage
They can't tear us down
This force united
Track Name: Who Laughs Last
For all your dreams
And all your words
Did you ever think
You were truly heard?
By the ones that caste
Judgment's final hand
Watch you beg
For a piece of land
He says know the truth
Look to his ideal
Then spin on forever
Upon his grinding wheel
In god we trust
You ask for decent pay
He says go to church
And so shall pray

We've seen it all so many times
Memories of those fought and died
These days are nothing new
Same as it ever was
They loathe you
So what will you stand for in this life?
Cowardice asks, is it safe?
Conscience asks, is it right?
It's a human race
That no one has won
Since we took the steps
Justice was undone
Progress favors
Those who turn the keys
Lock us out
Then they'll have us on our knees
Modern man's sights
The never ending goal
As we journey through the ages
He hungers for the gold
As we've always done
The history of us
It will start again
But now...we turn to dust

Through the years
All the tears
For all the strife
Did you ever think it was...
Time to fight!
Who says who?
Who says why?
Who comes in last?
Who laughs last?